16 Photos That Will Inspire You To Visit Borneo

Borneo is beautiful, where musical rainforests meet white sandy beaches, no wonder I’ve returned to this island 3 times.

Forest canopy in Sepilok
Oxbow lake in Kinabatangan Rainforest
Sunset at Manana
Manana Beach
Golden hour at Manana
Trees and Ocean
Local dogs
Sepilok Forest Edge Resort
Scarlet-rumped Trogan
Long-tailed Macaque
Tungog Rainforest Eco Camp
Oriental Pied Hornbill
Orang-utan and her baby
Proboscis Monkeys, endemic species to Borneo
Silver Langur
Travelling along the Kinabatangan River


Borneo is beautiful, where musical rainforests meet white sandy beaches, no wonder I’ve returned to this island 3 times.

Whether you’re a wildlife lover, foodie, beach bum, Borneo is for you. Colourful sunsets that you just can’t quite capture the beauty of through a lens,Β a cuisine that you’ll immediately try and attempt to create when you return home and one of only two countries where you can see the critically endangered Orang-utan in the wild.

It’s a must visit.

My first two trips were for research at university and were incredible. However, my most recent stay was with my other half, Callie and my most memorable.

After a quick overnight stopover in Singapore, we travelled to Kota Kinabalu, the capital of Sabah. Getting a taste for the local cuisine in a local night market, then travelling to a private beach resort at a nearby town north of the city.

We stayed at Manana beach for a few nights (watch out for jellyfish) and saw sunsets and thunderstorms collide like nothing I have ever seen.

In search of Orang-utan’s we travelled to Sepilok to visit the Orang-utan sanctuary, seeing the work they did here was both heart breaking and incredible at the same time.

I then took Callie to the jungle, his dream was to see an Orang-utan in the wild. We stayed at Tungog Rainforest Eco Camp, no electricity, no A/C, but the most incredible wildlife the Kinabatangan had to offer. We saw, langurs, macaque, proboscis, tarsier, crocodile, hornbills and the most beautiful demonstration of a mother Orang-utan and her baby. This was within 3 days.

If you want any more information about my visit, where we stayed, flights etc. please don’t hesitate to comment or contact me further.

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