Hello World

In honor of Earth Day, my first post.

I find through my passion for the environment, all I want do to create awareness of the issues we’re facing and to write about this incredible planet.

Through this blog I hope to express how amazing this earth is, predominately through scientific research, but also photography and current news. I don’t want it to be all ‘doom and gloom’ because the Earth is a wonderful place, we’re discovering and learning new things everyday and there are amazing things happening everywhere to make sure the world isn’t taken for granted.

However, from my travels, I’ve seen enough destruction, pollution and exploitation to know that the Earth is in trouble. If we go along like this we’re not going to be able to sustain human civilization, let alone all the wildlife.

I think this generation has the knowledge, the ability and most importantly the compassion to produce change; we can connect our knowledge with action.

Let’s show the world some love.

Photo: Tree top Canopy Walk, Danum Valley Conservation Area, Sabah, Malaysia. Taken with Nikon One.

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